Ferroresonant AC / DC Converters

Ferroresonant AC / DC Converters

All types of converters, naked or covered :

Characteristics :
Power: 5 W up to 1500 W (depending on the frequency of use)
Types: AC/DC
Voltages: 6 V to 500 V (depending on the stresses in the specification

 Fields of use : 
- Conversion of alternating current and into direct current, and vice-versa;
- Continuous power supply, with or without filtering, with or without regulation, with or without forced ventilation, etc.;
- Variable power supply or fixed under voltage;
- Uninterruptible power supply.

Applications : 
- Cabinet or components with direct voltage (DC);
- System needing to be powered with very low safe voltage;
- Battery charger and independent power supplies;
- Motor powered by DC.

These values are given as an example and are not exhaustive for particular solutions.



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