Company / The assets

LE COSINUS relies on many assets to guarantee a quality service


Specializing in dry type transformers and inductors, the company has a perfect knowledge of the technology and will be able to develop the products that meet your needs.

Continuous adaptation of our IT, production and testing tools.

Constant innovation in our production methods.

Our technicians are able to advise you, to define at the best the type of product to answer your needs (low voltage drop - reduced call current - electrostatic screen - adjusting sockets - tropicalisation, etc.)


We guarantee the quality and conformity of our products with the standards in force (Standards IEC NFC and UL / CSA ...) by means of complete and systematic tests of our products by our engineers.

All our products are systematically tested individually before shipment. We impregnate the whole of our production under vacuum in order to guarantee the best quality possible.


Competitiveness is a constant concern of our company.

Serving our customers:

  • Is to be able to advise them in order to provide them with products adapted to their needs.

  • To provide products at the best value for money.

  • Be very responsive and hold fast delivery times.

  • Offer flawless, standardized and reliable products


LE COSINUS benefits from several decades of experience and control of the industrial production of electrical transformers, inductors and dc power supplies.


The constantly improving production system includes:

  • Numerous CNC lathes to ensure a constant consistency in the quality of the windings and to guarantee the exact number of turns..

  • Air vacuum tank to impregnate our products to ensure perfect electrical insulation and avoid vibration.

  • Ovens for cooking the varnish without solvent.


  • Test benches

  • Load benches

  • Group 200 and 400 Hz


LE COSINUS constantly improves its production because it is associated constantly with the improvement of its product's quality.


Respect legal and regulatory requirements.

Constantly improve the value for money of our products.

Developing the confidence of our customers through our quality production and our technical know-how.


  • Systematic validation of the designs of our products with our latest calculation tools.

  • Improvement of our machines and production tools.

  • Tests of all our products before delivery and not by sampling.

  • Continuous training of our employees to meet the demands of quality, price and responsiveness required by our clients.


LE COSINUS attaches great importance to safety.


Respect the legal and regulatory requirements.

Prevent risks for our production operators.

Adapt the ergonomics of the workstations to the best.


  • Invest in many lifting appliances.

  • Modify the ergonomics of our workstations.

  • Modernize ventilation systems.

  • Set up railing to prevent any risk of falling.

  • Follow-up of the recommendations of the labor inspector.


LE COSINUS uses products compliant to the legislation on the protection and health of persons.

  • By modifying our manufacturing processes, we have been able to significantly reduce our waste production.

  • We have significantly reduced our emissions to the air by using a solvent-free varnish.

  • We are REACH compliant.

  • Employees are all aware of waste recovery (ink cartridges, paper, etc.).