single phase circuit separation transformers

single phase circuit separation transformers

We offer single-phase electric transformers for all your applications and in the following range:

- Power: from 10 VA to 

- Voltage: up to 1000 Volts (BT / LV)

- Frequency: from 50-60 Hz to several hundred Hertz

- Available without cover (IP00), sheltered (IP2X to IP3X) or waterproof (IP5X)


    All other voltages up to 1000 Volts

    Adding primary voltage adjusting plugs

    Installation of electrical protections (Circuit-breakers, fuses, disconnectors)

    Adding an electrostatic screen

    Adaptation for high frequencies

    Add a midpoint to secondary output

    Special paints for sheltered versions

    Multiple secondary

    Reduced Inrush Current

    Adjustment to room temperature

    Adaptation to harmonics

    Reinforced insulation

    Tropicalization of the product

    Protection class IP00; IP20, IP23, IP33, IP54, or others.

    Insulation class: II

    Energy efficient transformers

    Reinforced electrical transformers (Factor K5, K7, K9)

    Voltage Transformers

    Adaptation of the products to the Medical Use Standard (IEC 61558-2-15)

    Safety transformers, secondary less than 45V (IEC 61558-2-6)

    Heating class H (120 ° C), F (100 ° C) or B (80 ° C)

    Manufactured with certified UL / CSA insulation system

    Temperature probe NO or NC or PT100


    Silent-blocks kit

    Specific design: Dimensions, horizontal position etc.

    Certification Veritas Marine.


    efficiency from 94 to 98% depending on power

    Small footprint

    Low losses

    Air vacuum impregnation

    Operating temperatures 35 ° C or 40 ° C according to references

    IP00 or IP21 as standard

    Textured paint for RAL7035 enclosures as standard

    Connections on terminal blocks or bars according to power

    Insulation class: I

    Dielectric: from 2500 to 4000V according to references.

    Heating class: B, F or H according to references

    Winding Copper or Aluminum according to references

    Environmentally friendly: RoHS and solvent-free varnish


    Important note:

    Some options you would like to modify the transformer's dimensions and weight. Please contact us.


        + En option:     E359565 

    Special products, please contact us fore more information.


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