Autotransformers Three-Phase KVA 400V / 230V - IP21

Ref : 6U204-AB-N368


*Dimensions are expressed in millimeters, mass in kilograms and reserves represent the ventilation space to be kept around the product for good heat dissipation. The drawing is not contractual.

  • Notes et options

    Options: Adjustment taps, Multi-voltages, Electrostatic screen, Reduced inrush current, Low consumption, Resistance to harmonics, Silent block, caster, Integrated protections, reinforced insulation, Tropicalization, Class II, transformer Factor K5, K7, K9 , High frequencies.

    Additional options for the covered versions: Specific color paint, IP21 to IP55, Built-in case with integrated protections, custom housing possible,

  • Use frequency


  • Standard

    IEC 60076-11

  • Winding material


  • RoHS compliant


  • Temperature rise class

    Classe H

  • Eyebolts


  • Recommended Electrical Protection Input / Output


  • Dielectric Input/Output and active/ground

    / 3000V

  • Insulation class


  • Cooling

    Air Naturel

  • IP Indice


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